Best Waterproof Motorcycle Boots for Winter and Extreme Weather in 2023 (Reviews and Comparison)

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Whether you are someone who drives a motorcycle, a motocross racer, or a motorcycle enthusiast, you all love a sweet pair of motorcycle boots around your feet. Not only do they make you look cool, they protect your lower legs and feet from impact and weather conditions. But what if you are someone who’s living in a place with extreme weather conditions? Do your boots have the capability to persevere through such a challenge?

If not, allow our guide to help you pick which motorcycle boot is the best to tread through extreme weather. Waterproof boots may have the fabric to withstand harsh climates, but a pair that handle more may surprise you through their shoe design.

Here, we have a list of the top 5 waterproof motorcycle boots. We will compare them on their sole integrity, flexibility, comfort level, and ease of entry. Then, pick a winner at the end to see which boot has the best kicks, whether you wear them daily for work or through harsh climate conditions.


TCX Boots Men's SP Master Gore-Tex Boots (Black/Yellow Fluo, Size 47/Size 12.5) 1. TCX SP-Master Gore-Tex
  • A pair of waterproof motorcycle boots designed with Gore-Tex fabric and polyurethane. It has elastic zippers and velcro bands for a secure fit on your feet. And a sporty, futuristic exterior that comes with toe sliders.
Alpinestars Men's Web Gore-Tex Motorcycle Riding Boot, Black, 42 2. Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex
  • A pair of waterproof motorcycle boots designed with Gore-Tex fabric and leather. It has elastic zippers and velcro bands for a secure fit on your feet. And a futuristic exterior design that can be worn casually.
Sidi Aria Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots BLACK SZ 10/44 3. Sidi Aria Gore-Tex
  • A pair of waterproof motorcycle boots designed with Gore-Tex fabric and Technomicro. It has elastic zippers and velcro bands for a secure fit on your feet. And a futuristic exterior design that can be worn casually and for labor.
Stylmartin Men's Matrix Touring Boots 4. Stylmartin Matrix
  • A pair of waterproof motorcycle boots designed with Matrix fabric and full-grain leather. It has velcro bands with two secure straps. It can give off a natural brown over time. In addition to Matrix fabric, it’s both waterproof and flame resistant. These boots are best worn for labor that will have fire risks.
Daytona Road Star GTX Boots 5. Daytona Roadstar Pro Gore-Tex
  • A pair of waterproof motorcycle boots designed with Gore-Tex fabric and leather. It has exposed elastic zippers for a secure fit. Has two velcro bands on the back for calf adjustment. While protective for your feet, these boots are best worn for non-rugged environments.

1. TCX SP-Master Gore-Tex

TCX Boots Men's SP Master Gore-Tex Boots (Black/Yellow Fluo, Size 47/Size 12.5)

This pair of TCX motorcycle boots are made with a high-quality waterproof fabric from Gore-Tex. Now upgraded into the SP-Master collection, it has an added polyurethane material for comfort.

The shoes have a sleek, futuristic appeal on the exterior for motocross sports. For easy entry, there’s an elastic zipper that provides flexible mobility and secure shoe closing. And to protect it from damage, a velcro band is strapped on top of it. The sole is very light to prevent the shoe from weighing your foot down while walking, running, and driving your motorcycle. And there’s a footbed that can adjust to any type of foot and can be replaced to prevent foot odors and bacteria from forming.

While polyurethane provides flexibility, it also provides durable protection from knee to toe along with the padded interior to keep your feet comfortable. With the SP-Master pair, it comes with its own toe sliders to protect itself from scuffing. They will need to be replaced overtime to keep the shoes free from damage. And they provide the soles a differentiated grip to adapt to all kinds of surfaces to prevent slipping, including rocky soil and icy surfaces.

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2. Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex

Alpinestars Men's Web Gore-Tex Motorcycle Riding Boot, Black, 42

Alpinestars offers a pair of motorcycle boots designed with waterproof fabric with Gore-Tex’s collaboration in their Web shoe collection. These boots have similar flexibility and comfort properties to TCX’s SP-Master pair, only without the added leather instead of polyurethane.

With a different exterior design, both have a sleek, futuristic appeal. The difference is that the Alpinestars Web has a more simplistic exterior for casual wear. They also share the elastic zipper entry, the velcro band closing, and the replaceable anatomical footbed.

The only difference the two pairs have is the type of boot protection and their sole type. Instead of toe sliders, it has a highly robust toe box and heel protection to reduce damage from impact. And the shins are reinforced with shock absorbency. With the soles, they are contoured inward to adapt to different soils.

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3. Sidi Aria Gore-Tex

Sidi Aria Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots BLACK SZ 10/44

Also on the waterproof Gore-Tex fabric train are Sidi Aria boots. Like the TCX SP-Master and the Alpinestars Web pairs, they have similar characteristics in flexibility and comfort due to the Gore-Tex’s breathable material. And it has a futuristic design on the exterior. This time for added protection, the fabric is combined with Technomicro, a strong material that feels lighter than silk and acts like leather.

Technomicro gives the boots resistance against abrasion for skin protection. It helps add foot comfort to the heavily padded protection around the boots as well. The Aria boots also share the elastic zipper entry and velcro band to protect the zipper from unzipping. And the soles are non-slip instead of indented to help your feet grip onto slippery surfaces during extreme weather conditions.

The other difference that these boots have apart from the other two is that it doesn’t adapt to foot types. It does have an arch support pad that’s removable in case you are flat-footed.

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4. Stylmartin Matrix

Stylmartin Men's Matrix Touring Boots

Let’s take a break from the Gore-Tex waterproof boots with the Stylmartin pair. This pair is made with a fabric known as matrix hence their name collection’s name, Stylmartin Matrix. Matrix is a synthetic fabric made of polyester fibers woven in links, and it can mimic the feel of cotton. It also allows these boots to become flame retardant.

For the waterproofing, Stylmartin added full-grain leather. Anything made out of full-grain leather will have trouble moving with its thickness starting out. However, when it’s used more, it can become flexible. And it gives a natural brown color as it ages.

Similar to the Sidi Aria pair, it has a non-slip sole to walk on slippery surfaces. And unlike the previous boots, these boots have a velcro band with two straps for a secure fit. While it provides protection for the lower leg, it fails to protect around the feet. These boots are best suited for workers who handle cautious labor that may have fire risks.

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5. Daytona Roadstar Pro Gore-Tex

Daytona Road Star GTX Boots

We are now at our last Gore-Tex waterproof boots from Daytona. In their Road Star collection, they added leather in their shoe fabric like the Alpinestars Web boots. It also has velcro bands on the back instead to adjust to different calf sizes. And the zippers are exposed on the sides, leaving them vulnerable to impact.

Instead of an anatomical footbed, the sole is adaptable to any type of foot. It’s also non-slip to tread on wet surfaces. The boots’ exteriors have durable plastic protection while the inside is padded. While it has foot protection, they left themselves vulnerable to harsh impacts. These boots are more suitable to be used in snow and rainy environments rather than rugged environments.

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It’s now time to decide which pair of boots gives extreme weather the best kick. And figure out which ones are the best to protect your feet while you tread in them. Based on the factors, we have decided that the TCX SP-Master Gore-Tex pair is the winner. While the rest put up a real fight, here are the reasons why these boots are the best.

  • These Boots got Sole-Out of the five pairs, the SP-Master pair gives the best step for your feet to keep you walking, running, and driving steadily with its differentiated grip. Meaning these boots are adaptable to most extreme weather conditions and rugged environments to prevent your feet from slipping and tread safely.
  • Comfortable and Adaptable-The Gore-Tex fabric combined with the polyurethane makes it not only weather-resistant but very flexible as well. The anatomical footbed is comfortable for all foot types with the added padded interior. While giving a secure fit for your feet, the elastic zipper does not break easily and moves with your every movement.
  • Foot Armor Also Comes With a Shield-These boots have a high amount of durable protection around the lower legs and feet from extreme weather and harsh impacts. They also come with their own shield, the toe sliders. They help keep your boots damaged free while they take the damage for them. And they are replaceable by the time they become worn out.
  • Can be Worn Daily and for Traveling-While these boots look like they belong on the legs of a motocross racer, they can be worn daily by people who live in extreme climates. They are also perfect for travelers that love to explore different types of landscapes. Most motorcyclists would love this pair of boots on their next drive and can make a lovely gift for anyone close to you.

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