Best Motorcycle Jacket Brands in 2023 (Reviews and Comparison)

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Long gone are the days where a motorcycle jacket was mostly just a slightly worse for wear, average black leather jacket (which could definitely use a wash in most cases). Its main purpose was to make a guy look cool and hardcore that he would wear everywhere and I mean absolutely everywhere! 

But fret no more, now with multiple brands launching a variety of jackets in the market, they no longer serve a single purpose. Something that brands have been developing over the years for motorcycle riders as they really need and are quite vulnerable on their choice of transportation. Who knew just looking cool won’t protect you from sliding on the road at 70 miles per hour? Or even worse when there is nothing solid protecting the motorcyclist’s body from impact and the numerous more heavier vehicles on it. If that is a matter of concern to you, the following information is going to prove quite useful to you. 

Nobody wants to believe that they could be that unfortunate soul involved in a crash, but denial has never saved anyone from adversity. Being cryogenically frozen during the harsh winter or sweating like a criminal during an interrogation in the summer heat isn’t exactly my idea of fun either. Breathability is a key factor under many conditions so is comfort so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a straitjacket. So, why not plan accordingly, such as investing in proper protective gear while looking quite possibly like a rockstar or celebrity. 

In the market you will find an abundant variety of jackets that excel in many different settings, niches and environmental conditions. There’s something available for everyone in multiple combinations that with enough knowledge and search, your selected jacket can feel tailor made for you. However, there is a difference between a reputable seller and a cheap knockoff that will do jack shit when it comes to protection, comfort and quality. Selecting the brand you chose to go with when riding and their reputation in such matters is of utmost importance to a professional motorcyclist. With that in mind, here you go, time to make yourself capable of selecting the best motorcycle jacket brands in the market available to you. 

After careful, thought, analysis and many years of cumulative experience of myself and fellow riders, the following are the most reputable brands deemed worth exploring that I will elaborate on:

1. REV’IT!

This global brand that has a wide range of protective and urban motorcycle gear for both men and women is one of the fastest growing biker clothing brands in the world today. Their innovative designs and manufacturing grants a comfortable, safe and deluxe experience for its users. The highly skilled and passionate Rev’it team benefits from the engineered skin ideology to design their motorcycle gear products using 3D modeling. They integrate products like Seesoft armor, Gore-Tex, Hydratex and SuperFabric in their jackets to make sure their clients are comfortable while keeping them well protected. Rev’it has created stylish sports and adventure ranges with the finest detailing maximizing charm and life span and minimizing failure. 

Notable accomplishments:

  • 2012 Collaboration with Ducati: Ducati Strada Collection by REV’IT!  now yearly updated
  • 2014 Collaboration with Yamaha
  • 2015 RED DOT Award for highest CE-level 2 protection in SEEFLEX™ protectors in garments 
  • 2015 REV’IT! rider, Kenan Sofuoğlu, crowned world champion MotoGP
  • 2019 Danilo Petrucci wins MOTOGP
  • 2021 REV’IT! X Touratech for outfits in the ADV world

2. Dainese

product range that comprises of race suits, waterproof motorcycle touring jackets, gloves, boots, and even base layers; every rider can find here whatever they’re looking for. This company is an industry icon that is well known for coming up with some of the best motorcycle gears out there. The Italian brand has always provided their clothing to some of the best racers in the world, including some of extremely popular professional riders such as Giacomo Agostini, Barry Sheene, Guy Martin, Kenny Roberts and Valentino Rossi. Dainese is also one of the first manufacturers who featured an air bag system, providing their riders additional protection should they come off their bike. It’s clear that their simple mission statement is to provide people with safety equipment from head to toe while making them look stylish come rain or shine. 

Notable accomplishments:

  • 1981 First back protector invented by Dainese 
  • 1988 Dainese introduced new concept for professional racing suits: The Aerodynamic Hump
  • 1995 Introduced Dainese helmet made from composite fibre
  • 1999 First (and only) leather suit to win the Adi Golden Compass award 
  • 2007 Dainese acquires AGV
  • 2009 Dainese and AGV win with Rossi the MotoGP™
  • 2013 Protection for astronauts in collaboration with MIT
  • 2017 (3) Red Dot Awards, for helmet, suit and back protector
  • 2020 Joan Mir wins MotoGP™ as ambassador for Dainese

3. Klim

An American manufacturing company that makes both motorcycle and snowmobile gear but is best known globally for its wide range of top-notch watersports clothing. So, its users get access to the most advanced waterproof liners, abrasion resistance material and stay warm fabrications in their motorcycle jacket options. Their riding gear can withstand any ferocious conditions as they know that their riders will be navigating some extreme hot and cold weather conditions and terrain. Mainly focused on waterproof breathability Klim has been producing quality riding gear for more than a decade and have recently decided to go into the world of ADV Touring. Instead of running after trends and fashion this brand’s efforts are focused towards guaranteeing that their rider remains dry, cool and secure. 

Notable accomplishments:

  • 2005 Transitioned from being pros in snow gear protection to dirt riding gear
  • 2009 Introduced combinations of Klim’s snow and dirt products for Adventure Touring
  • 2012  Acquired by Polaris Industries and expanded their resources
  • 2015 Klim Sponsored Rider Cody Webb wins Endurocross Championship
  • 2021 World’s first CE AAA-rated ADV riding Jacket Badlands Pro A3

4. Rynox

An Indian brand that was originally brought to life in 2010, due to the lack of affordable good quality and practical motorcycle gear in India, is now one of the leading brands there in protective motorcycle apparel and accessories. Rynox started with luggage and after a year gradually expanded their range to motorcycle apparel. Now they offer jackets, gloves, riding pants, luggage and accessories. The principals this brand stands by are protection, comfort, style and reliability. In no hurry to launch new products all the time, whenever Rynox releases something in the market you can be certain that it has gone through rigorous testing on many different terrains to create a durable product for its users. 

Notable accomplishments:

  • All armors provided in the jackets are CE EN 1621-1 approved
  • Specialize in ATV apparel alongwith luggage equipment
  • Based in India so cheaper to purchase for that region with quality 

5. Alpinestars

The world leading brand of professional racing wear that has provided specialized protective gear options for Formula One, NASCAR, MotoGP, WEC, WRC and many more. This European company has been around for more than 50 years, being established in 1963, and has outfitted countless world champions past and present. It also manufactures products for motorcycling, motocross, surfing, mountain biking and non-sports clothing. On top of its game in quality, Alpinestars was also the first company to launch a completely CE certified jacket. They offer elevated comfort levels and supreme performance with their premium leather sport, including a few of the very aggressive street riding jackets profiled. Well-known for the best footwear, its main focus is on weight reduction, comfort and durability. Alpinestars have fashion centers in Italy and California and to this day you can witness its legacy of motorcycle racing and its roots in Italian artistry crafted into every product of theirs.

Notable accomplishments:

  • 1965 Started by leather, Sante Mazzarolo made innovations including the first steel shin protector and a buckle closure system instead of laces.
  • 1970 Thanks to Roger de Coster Alpinestars wins it’s first World Motocross Championship
  • 1978 Alpinestars rider Kenny Roberts wins Prix World Champion
  • 2004 Alpinestars begins partnership with Honda for casual sportswear
  • 2017 Alpinestars Tech-Air wins CES Asia Top Innovation Award
  • Has gained the respect of top drivers in F1, CART, WRC and Sportscar over the years making apparel for the respective sports as well

6. Cortech

One of the top-tier motorcycle gear companies, Cortech designs remarkably functionally fit products and that too, at a price better than its competitors. Typically, available in black and more solid colors, Cortech sells a wide range of protective motorcycle gear. A rider may find all that he/she is looking for here from gloves, to luggage, to leather jackets to even full racing suits. This brand is mostly famous for providing worthy jackets for everyday sport bike riders as their jackets are well suited for all conditions and of taking customer feedback into account to create the best possible products they can. Whether a motorcycle lover is on track, trail or commute, is a professional champion or just a beginner, this company has them covered, without an over-the-top price. 

Notable accomplishments:

  • Cheapest top quality protection when it comes to Textile Jackets
  • 2016 Cortech Named As A Supporting Partner Of MotoAmerica
  • 2017 Garrett Gerloff winner of MotoAmerica wears Cortech


A motorcycle gear company that truly lives up to its name with its iconic designs. This American brand was established in 2002 by sport bike riders to cater to the modern unique needs of street riders like themselves. Even with prioritizing the safety of the riders foremost, Icon’s designed products are unapologetically spectacular, turning heads on the streets, demanding attention. Whatever edgy or savvy design you’re searching for, may it be tribal, retro, skull or something else; this brand most probably has it. Their gear offers a combination of urban and tactical style for both men and women without cutting any corners. Manufacturing a full range of functional streetwear from helmets, jackets, gloves, body armor, boots and more; icon’s products are of outstanding quality, unmatched style and affordable price.  

Notable accomplishments:

  • The world’s leading street based protective motorcycle apparel brand
  • 2015 Partener with KAWASAKI on the VULCAN 650S
  • 2020 Partner with Suzuki on Katana bike build 

8. Sedici

Established in 1974, this brand creates products that are put together using Italian inspired style, technological innovation and old-world workmanship. The level of fine designs and style Sedici produces are often accompanied by a high price tag, but this brand’s talented designers have used their experience and expertise in motorcycle apparel development to assemble a range of protective gear that is equally impressive but affordable for its customers on a budget. They also have special features in leather-craft like multi-stitched seams, CE approved armor and the finest race grade leathers. Regardless of which type of rider it is street, adventure, trail or track; they have a wide range or protective gear to choose from. 

Notable accomplishments:

  • 2011 Sedeci race inspired motor apparel arrives in the american market 

9. BiLT

Another brand like Sedici committed to providing affordable motorcycle gear. Best known for their motorcycle jackets, Bilt has a broad range of leather jackets, textile jackets, touring jackets, waterproof jackets and much more in their collection. Adhering to the everyday riders’ needs, their jackets and pants come standard with lightweight CE1 armor. Bilt also provides a one-year warranty for their entire product line. With a wide range of protective gear available such as boots, helmets, jackets, gloves, luggage, this brand aims to keep their clients safe at a very low cost. 

Notable accomplishments:

  • On the cheaper side and an option for introductory level

10. Helstones

France’s oldest and most respected manufactures of motorcycle apparel, famous for its distinctive leather motorcycle clothing. Most of their leather jackets have a thermal liner, a waterproof membrane and full body armor, including a back protector and anti-abrasion paneling. But its worldwide fame is achieved by creating a range of clothing as exquisite to the eye as it is luxurious to wear. From using a combination of oils and waxes to treat the leather and make it soft and supple to their seams, lining and even the way the panels are sewn together; their products are so special that Helstones is the best-loved brand across Europe. This brand is capable of providing classy, technical quality products at reasonable prices. If you’re an old soul interested in heritage and wearing realistic looking vintage apparel, this brand is definitely the one for you.

Notable accomplishments:

  • 1960’s Associated with the cafe-racer style
  • Best in class for classic vintage look with high quality protection
  • Specialize in leather motorcycle clothing

Now that you are armed with brand awareness, you are ready to move on to the next step:

Choosing the right type of Motorcycle Jacket:

Each rider has specific requirements that need to be met and their own personal style when it comes to riding. Listed are some super important features and components to keep in mind when purchasing the best type of motorcycle jacket for you:

  • Rain Jacket for Motorcycle
  • Armored Riding Jacket
  • Lightweight Biker Jacket
  • Motorcycle Mesh Jacket
  • Dual Sport Jackets
  • Adventure Touring Motorcycle Jacket

Rain Jackets for Motorcycles

Being a motorcycle rider on the road it is evitable that a rider would often have to deal with rain pelting down on them while travelling. Whether a rider will find that exhilarating or irritating is up to the individual, but a common factor in both scenarios is that the road conditions get quite dangerous due to the rain and snow. It is essential to be prepared in these situations. Fortunately, there is the option of using durable waterproof riding gear available for our body’s protection. If you live in a place where it rains often, rain jackets are for you. Simply brush off the rain after a ride and once taken off, it is still dry and warm on the inside. 

As cool as leather jackets look, sadly they aren’t waterproof and won’t be able to repel all liquid. Jackets only made up of modern fabrics are 100% waterproof. It’s suggested to look for motorcycle jackets made of multiple layers of non-woven fabric that are lightweight and breathable. Also make sure that the jacket can fit over other clothes comfortably and is adjustable in places like the neck, waist and sleeves. 

Key unique features:

  • Hood compartment or removable
  • Waterproof fabric/Nylon PVC Coated 
  • Zipper closes securely with no leaks
  • Waterproof zipper or Velcro pockets

Armored Riding Jacket

Don’t panic, I’m not recommending wearing a suit of armor. Just hear me out, we’re talking about jackets that have extra padding to protect all the essential and venerable parts of the body. A durable yet pretty malleable padding that is usually made of carbon-fiber, high intensity foam and Kevlar abrasion panels. It protects the spine, shoulders, elbows and torso absorbing the shock of an impact to save the rider from the most severe consequences of accidents. See, nothing bizarre at all. Just superb protection.

Key unique features:

  • CE or AS mark as safety certification 
  • Mosty for motocross or the track
  • Armor in areas such as shoulders, elbows, back and more
  • Strong abrasion resistance material

Lightweight Biker Jacket

Basically, a summer jacket to put it lightly; pun intended. It’s a motorcycle jacket that’s not too bulky and has good ventilation, allowing airflow to prevent the biker from overheating or suffering from heat exhaustion and even worse, a heat stroke. Though usually made of mesh or nylon, some of these lightweight jackets can also be found in leather or denim. Designed to be breathable, are still constructed to protect, so they are typically equipped with pieces of removable body armor, reflective piping, lower back belts and impact-absorption padding on vulnerable regions. 

Key unique features:

  • Made of mesh or nylon, denim or even leather
  • Has minimal protection  
  • Reflective panels 
  • Focus is mostly style or design 

Motorcycle Mesh Jacket

Protective clothing for those riders who’ll be in extreme hot and dry weather. In case our free-spirited riders ditch their normal motorcycle jacket claiming it’s too hot to wear one when the sun is scorching outside, it’s better to invest in a thin and breathable protective jacket made using mesh. While allowing maximum airflow to keep the biker cool, these jackets can offer most protection as long as it’s not too loose on them, has padding and cushioning in the necessary areas. Mesh can also be durable but it depends on the tightness of the weave and the quality of the textile used to make it.

Key unique features:

  • Customizable with mesh/polyester material
  • Pockets and sleeves for armor and padding  
  • Removable lining and places for inserts
  • Made for the heat so plenty of airflow to keep you cool

Dual Sport Jackets

As a dual sport biker, a rider will encounter various types of weather, climates and terrains. A dual sports jacket needs to be able to handle all and keep its user dry, adequately ventilated and protected in case of an unfortunate incident. A jacket that may be capable of providing that is made of a combination of modern fabrics and technology, like non-woven fabric, mesh, high density foam, Kevlar or Gore-Tex. Apart from these it is possible to find good leather jackets that’ll work too but a rider will need to be careful while selecting one, making sure it’ll be able to endure all the challenges including those it will encounter when you’re tearing it up on the track. 

Key unique features:

  • CE level protection in all necessary areas 
  • Very good abrasion protection   
  • Able to be used on the track and the streets
  • Breathable and decent airflow

Adventure Touring Motorcycle Jacket 

A supreme example of protective motorcycle clothing, this jacket needs to be extremely durable and versatile. An all-in-one jacket that is able to endure long unpredictable conditions, whatever they might be, eliminating the need to carry extra protective gear on a lengthy adventure to deal with different types of weathers and seasons. It has a waterproof layer as well as a thermal layer.

But if you do not mind carrying a bit extra, there is another option than an all-in-one jacket, that will be able to provide more padding and protection; it is a bring-your-own-layers jacket. With this one might need to bring some extra layers, depending on the climate, as the typical equipment consists of an armored shell which is water-proofed and has ventilation.

Key unique features:

  • All in one with little to no compromise 
  • Fantastic protection in all areas   
  • Can be heavy and but also has removable parts
  • Made to be used in almost all types of environments 

Mesh vs Textile vs Leather

Abrasion ResistanceHigh quality leather, great abrasion resistance. Sometimes after accidentUsually cooler and lighter by compromising on protectionAbrasion resistance level varies according to mesh materialMaterials need to be tactically constructed in layers to obtain abrasionMost cannot reach protection of leather however better than mesh
WaterproofAre water resistant Waterproofing needs to be renewed as is not permanent and coating wears off with use and timeExpensive to waterproof Made from synthetic textiles that bead water off instead of absorbing themCheap to make waterproofCheap to make waterproofBest waterproof abilities
BreathabilityNot considered to be breathable materialMost breathable material among the threeGreat airflow capabilities with multiple tiny holesNot as great airflow as mesh is still breathable materialUsually has zipped ventilation pockets
DurabilityHighest durabilityPoorest among threeBetter than mesh at longevity
Flexibility and weightNot the most stretchy or flexible material Some cut larger to allow more movement Weight can add to a rider’s fatigueOffer a lightweight feelOffers range of movementDoes not add to muscle strain and tirednessLighter than leather but not lightweight as meshOffers range of movementDoesn’t add much to muscle strain and tiredness
PriceExpensiveCheapest optionNot expensive as leather
Ideal ClimateGood for winters, is heavier and has better insulationIdeal for extreme dry and hot weathers as allows great airflowSuitable in rainy conditions as is lightweight and waterproof
Reflective and visibility featuresDepends on the design rather than materials, can find a jacket with feature varying in all three materialsDepends on the design rather than materials, can find a jacket with feature varying in all three materialsDepends on the design rather than materials, can find a jacket with feature varying in all three materials


To end this article, the following things come to mind. A good jacket can serve not only accident safety but also elemental protection. Of course, comfort is another benefit as long as you choose the right fit. There isn’t any perfect motorcycle jacket that the Jack of all trades, rather different types of jackets are better for certain situations. One needs to consider a lot of things like the weather, budget, their riding style, the extent of protection they’ll need, comfort and so much more to be able to have the optimum rider experience while always keeping themselves safe.

Looking for the right jacket can sometimes be an overwhelming experience but any longer. Now armed with the knowledge necessary and a rider’s perspective, you are ready to tackle the challenge of choosing the right one for you. 

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