Best Motorcycle Pants for Summer in 2023 (Reviews and Comparison)

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Around the summertime, many motorcycle drivers are driving across the country in the hot weather. We see them wearing dark leather clothing on their bodies which can lead to lots of discomforts. Mainly around the legs as they are the most active while driving.

The reason lies in the material we used in the clothing and leather’s benefits to the driver. The fabric is best used when wearing them during the autumn and fall season as they provide insulated heat and protect against weather conditions, including rain and snow. For years up to now, clothing designers have created motorcycle pants with different combinations of fabric to keep your legs cool for summer.

Don’t worry. We gathered and compared 5 of the best motorcycle pants to wear. We will judge them on their comfort level, breathability, driver protection, and weather resistance. Using these factors as our criteria will help us pick the pair for you to wear next summer.


Alpinestars Men's A-10 Air v2 Textile Street Motorcycle Pant, Black, Medium 1. Alpinestars A-10 Air V2
  • An upgraded motorcycle pants of the original A-10 Air design. These lightweight pants are designed with a multi-polyester cloth to give flexibility and resist tearing and CE armor that provides durable protection.
Rukka Airventur Pants 2. Rukka Airventure
  • A pair of motorcycle pants designed with Cordura airflow technology fabric. It allows the driver’s legs to stay cool while driving in hotter climates. And contains D30 Air armor for protection against impact, considering it is lightweight and flexible.
Sedici Marco Mesh Waterproof Pants 3. Sedici Marco Mesh
  • A pair of tear-resistant motorcycle pants that provides comfort all around the legs. Contains CE Level 2 armor to have shock absorption and protection from impact. Made with 450D reinforced fabric that provides heat resistance.
Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0 Men's Textile Motorcycle Pant (Black, XXX-Large) 4. Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0
  • An upgraded motorcycle pants of the original Venture Air. Very secure pants that will stay on our body while moving and seated. Contains 1680D polyester to resist tearing with Armor-Link protection. And dual-layered, removable Aqua-Therm liner to adapt between hotter and colder climates.
Joe Rocket 8054-1004 Atomic Men's Textile Pants (Black, Large) 5. Joe Rocket Atomic
  • A pair of casual-looking motorcycle pants. Made with 500D Hiteria nylon combined with FreeAir mesh for durable, flexible, and comfortable pants to wear on your legs. It heavily protects drivers from impact with CE armor. Protection gear is sold separately.

1. Alpinestars A-10 Air V2

Alpinestars Men's A-10 Air v2 Textile Street Motorcycle Pant, Black, Medium

The first pair of pants is from Alpinestars. By upgrading their A-10 Air, the V2 has added more elements to give the rider more protection while keeping comfort.

This pair of pants is padded with stretchy panels all around the back and front for comfortable seating and allows your hip area to breathe as you bend. Designed with multi-fabric polyester that is lightweight and mesh panels to keep the pants cool from the summer heat. 

The waist is adjustable by replacing the belt with a hook-and-loop closure for a secure, comfortable fit. And the zipper pockets ensure your wallet and phone stay on your body and prevent pickpocketing.

The A-10 Air V2 pants are considered protective as it was designed with CE armor. This allows the wearer’s legs to absorb shock from impact. They are applied to the hip and the knees. However, you will need to purchase the hip separately.

The pants are resistant to sunlight as the polyester fabric contains reflective properties. They also work at night for nighttime drivers to see you. Unfortunately, these pants aren’t waterproof, which makes them vulnerable to weather conditions.

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2. Rukka Airventure

Rukka Airventur Pants

Up next is our second pants from Rukka from their Airventur set. Their Airventur pants are designed to look like cargo pants that can be worn casually and for driving your motorcycle on the road.

This pair is designed with a mesh fabric containing Cordura airflow technology and is padded with D30 Air armor. With their powers combined, they make the Airventur pants flexible, comfortable, and breathable to help your legs withstand hotter climates.

Its D30 Air armor helps absorb shock from harsh impacts, considering it is ultra-lightweight. They include zippers on their front pockets to keep your wallet and phone secure for motorcycle drives and prevent pickpocketing. And zippers around the leg cuffs if you want to hide the upper part of your boots.

While they are comfortable, they are not likely to stay secure on your hip. Thankfully, you can use a belt or a pair of Rukka suspenders to keep your pants in place. It is also not resistant to sunlight and is vulnerable to weather conditions.

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3. Sedici Marco Mesh

Sedici Marco Mesh Waterproof Pants

Our third pair of motorcycle pants are produced by Sedici. From their Marco Mesh collection, it’s the most comfortable and the most protective around your legs during summer. So what makes these pants different from the rest of the competition?

This Marco Mesh pair is waterproof for heavy rain and snow, windproof for harsh winds from weather and motorcycle driving, thanks to the 450D reinforced fabric it’s made of. Along with the stretch panels in the back and knees, these pants were tear-resistant and flexible to walk in. The inner lining was made with an airflow fabric that gave it adaptable insulation, meaning it can cool and warm your legs depending on the climate you live in or travel to.

Like the A-10 Air V2, the waist is adjustable by a hook-and-loop closure for a secure, comfortable fit. They even have side zippers down the ankles if you choose to cover the higher part of your motorcycle boots. And there are zippers for the front pocket to keep your phone and wallet secured for motorcycle rides and prevent pickpocketing.

While they look like something you find from a fitness clothing center, do not judge these pants on the outside. This pair contains CE Level 2 armor in the knees to protect them from impact while keeping them lightweight. Last but not least, they are durable against sunlight with their reflective properties, which allows nighttime drivers to see you at night with their lights.

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4. Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0

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Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0 Men's Textile Motorcycle Pant (Black, XXX-Large)

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Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0 Men's Textile Motorcycle Pant (Black, XXX-Large)

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Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0 Men's Textile Motorcycle Pant (Black, XXX-Large)

And then, the Tour Master brought in the fourth pair of motorcycle pants. They, too, have made an upgrade with their Venture Air pants with a couple of improvements.

Their Venture Air 2.0 exchanged their Carbolex fabric with Armor-Link mesh and 1680D ballistic polyester. The structure of the Armor-Link is in the form of accordion folds for flexibility and comfort with movement while still providing heavy-duty protection.

The polyester made it easier to keep motorcycle drivers stabled on their seats without needing to shift their pants while driving. And it gave the reflective properties needed to resist sunlight and allow nighttime drivers to see you in the dark.

To make these pants protective against weather, they also use a dual-layered liner called Aqua-Therm. The outer layer is waterproof and windproof, and the inner layer provides insulation for cooling and heating. These layers can be removed to help adapt to hotter and colder climates. However, you become more vulnerable to weather if either one of these layers is removed from the pants.

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5. Joe Rocket Atomic

Joe Rocket 8054-1004 Atomic Men's Textile Pants (Black, Large)

We are now down to the final pair of motorcycle pants from Joe Rocket. The Atomic pants are the most casual-looking pants out of the five.

These pants are great for motorcycle drivers who need heavy-duty protection around their legs if on a budget. Their fabric is made with a combination of FreeAir mesh and 500D Hiteria nylon. This provides comfort and flexibility with movement. And it has CE armor to give protection against harsh impacts, including around the knee and back.

However, the Atomic has many flaws to its design. This pair is best worn for winter instead of summer as its interior doesn’t provide cooling. Its fabric does not have any reflective properties, so avoid wearing these at night when you can.

Plus, there is no waterproofing nor windproofing, making drivers vulnerable to weather conditions. And sadly, these pants do not include CE armor protection. It will need to be purchased separately.

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Now that we have finished reviewing the pros and cons of each pair, it’s time to reveal which motorcycle pants you should wear under the sun next summer. Out of the five, they all provide heavy-duty protection for the driver’s legs. However, the winner that provided the best durability and airflow has to go to Alpinestars A-10 Air V2 Pants.

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